Love what you do


“Ramat was an exceptional addition to our Social Media team for Wikipedia’s annual user conference. With over 1000 attendees and a reach of over millions during the week and beyond, Ramat was valuable in helping craft the stories and content for our communications. I highly recommend working with her, especially in helping to keep get things done. She’s highly positive and dedicated. Thanks for your work Ramat!” – Naureen Nayyer, Director of Social Media Wikimainia London 2014¬†


“Ramat is a hardworking creative who’s brilliant at helping individuals think more strategically about taking their marketing to the next step. She makes sure she gets a real understanding of the needs of a business, before coming up with a strategy that best meets these.

Ramat’s enthusiastic, honest and tailored approach to any challenge makes her a pleasure to work with; whether you are a small or big business, and whether you need simple guidance or a more in depth overhaul, Ramat is definitely the right person for the job.” – Zoe Chan, uberbaby


“Ramat has an infectious enthusiasm for any thing she does. Ramat was my mentor at the University of Hertfordshire. I learned a great deal from her during that` year and we kept in touch since then – perhaps it’s not surprising that a 60 year old can learn a lot from a 21 year old who is articulate, bright, aware, intelligent and mature.” – Tim Wilson, Vice-Chancellor of University of Hertfordshire (1991 – 2010)


“Ramat approached her role with good humour combined with unparalleled levels of enthusiasm, while remaining professional throughout. She demonstrated a genuine knowledge of various marketing disciplines, especially social, and was always happy to help with digital communication, strategy and implementation” – Pete Meadows, Head of Digital at BergHind Joseph¬†