First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your new job! You’ve been through the hurdle of applying for the job and successfully acing the interview. Now it’s time to start.

It can be a little nerve wracking going into a new environment so here a few tips to help you feel a little less anxious:

Remember you were chosen

No matter what your new role is, the likelihood is that you were one of a number of applicants for the job. And you were able to shine that much brighter than the rest and secure the position. They wanted you over everyone else. Let that sink in and fill you with some confidence that it’s going to be okay.


Soak it all up

In the first instance your role should be to learn about your team, learn about your new company and learn about the expectations for your role. You could also suggest having a quick coffee or lunch with different team members. This would to allow you to get to know them better in a more relaxed environment. Take this opportunity to incorporate any feedback you are provided with.


Ask questions and share your opinion

Even if you were in a similar role in your last organisation seek out advice from others. Things are bound to be slightly different after all it’s a different company. Showing an eagerness to learn could open even more doors for you within the organisation. Also be willing to add your input when the opportunities arise in meetings or conversations. Your perspective could prove fresh and refreshing for your new team.


Keep your promises

Make sure you get yourself organised and start as you mean to go on. If you commit to doing something, DO IT. Granted there will always be circumstances in which you cannot follow through but do not make this a regular occurrence. You know what works best for you in terms of getting organised. It may be setting yourself reminders in your calendar or it maybe writing to-do lists. What ever it is make sure you use it!


Hopefully after reading the above you’ll be feeling a little more ready to face this new opportunity! Let me know in the comments below how you got on or if you have any other tips that could help others starting a new job.

Good luck and keep going, I know in the end you’ll be fine!


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