A few months ago I was named by Women in Advertising and Communications London (WACL) as 1 of 30 future leaders in advertising and communications. It felt amazing to have been selected from the 228 that applied and the 60 that made it through to the interview stage. In attending a dinner to celebrate being selected alongside some amazing women I got to meet and get to know a number of my fellow award winners.

As part of the award we were all given a bursary to do a course of our choosing and I chose to apply for the following:

I’ve already started the first and can already see the benefits in how I approach things and I can’t wait to complete the course (apart from the fact there’s an exam at the end) and complete the coding one.

As a part of the Future Leader Award (FLA) winner perks we are now also part of the Futures Network alongside of FLA alumni. It was through this network I was able to secure a ticket to WACL annual conference, GATHER. Marketed as the event that helps ambitious women shape tomorrow I was keen to attend and learn more from the stellar speaker line up!

What I really want to do is help you relive the experience I had but seeing as I can’t do that I’m bring you the next best thing! Here are a selection of quotes from various speakers on stage throughout the day:

  • Ignite that flame… what you do tomorrow will be the most important thing.” ~ Olympian Dame Katherine Grainger
  • “Surround yourself with people of today, to get you where you want to be tomorrow” ~ Dr Zella King
  • “Write a plan for you. We owe it to ourselves.” ~ Mel Exon
  • “Make sure you’re running towards the big & scary challenges, not hauling ass the other way” ~ Maragret Stewart
  • “Being an advocate doesn’t always mean you have to be the person at the front.” ~ Gina Miller
  • “When you decide to do something, whatever you do, be 10% braver.” ~ Jane Lingham
  • Pull energy not push energy is the secret to success” ~ Ziad Al-Quassab

Being at this conference surrounded by fellow FLAs I realised how lucky I am to basically have a new members in my cheerleading squad. I have many people that support and encourage my personal and career development and most of then have known me for sometime. For some of the ladies sitting on the table it was the first time I’d met them. For the rest I had met them only once before when we celebrated receiving our award. Yet when I told this group of women that I had been shortlisted for the We Are the City rising Star Award in the PR, Communications and Marketing category, their excitement for me was as though they had known me for years. Within minutes a LinkedIn post had gone out to the Futures Network group alongside a tweet encouraging members them to vote for me!

It is an amazing feeling to know that you are part of a community that want you to do well and want to support your efforts. Thank you to the WACL and WACL Future Leaders Award community for being so encouraging and supportive and I’m looking forward to playing a role in doing the same for others! 🙂

If you’d like to vote for me to win a We Are the City rising Star Award, you can do do here. It takes less than 30 seconds and all you need is an email address! 🙂


Photo credits – the amazing Bronac McNeill