So if you didn’t already know FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks off in about two weeks on June 14th. Whilst there has been a lot of chatter online and offline about which teams are going to succeed, I’ve been enjoying the various marketing efforts by differnt brands.

Here in the UK the games will be show across the BBC and ITV. Whilst ITV reminds its audience that despite England’s past failings of not getting as far as they want, all that matters is the current situation. The motto of the campagin being ‘FORGET’. The campagin taps into the historical moments that we all remember about past matches because they stir up real emotions! Here’s the advert:

The BBC have taken a more global approach from the very begin showcasing some of the best football stories as a part of a tapestry. Interestingly the BBC plan to bring their advert to life with a real-life 7 metre long tapestry that will be publically displayed and include moments from this years tournament. Take a look at the advert below:

In true Budwieser style the company have taken their campaign to the next level, introducing drones! With drones looking more and more likely to a permanent feature in our futures, this campaign really shows them at work. The main idea of the campaign centering around bringing the fun of football to every part of the planet. We are taken on a journey from the USA to Brazil to China to England to Nigeria and finally to Russia. Ultimately the brand intends to ‘Light up the FIFA World Cup’.

The last campaign I had to share was this short campaign by Coca-Cola which is quite different from the campaign it ran for the World Cup 2014. This one ¬†embodies a feeling we’ve all had. You go to the fridge just before or during the match to find it empty – forcing you to head out! Here’s to hoping that you’re preparing your fridges already:

These are a few of my favourites so far! I have no doubt as we get closer to the competition and during it there will be a few more options to chose from! What World Cup 2018 marketing campaigns have caught your eye? And dare I ask, who will you be supporting during this tournament?