What do people say about you when you leave that room? According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos whatever they say, that’s your personal brand!  The latest General Assembly panel talk featured 5 amazing woman who have each in their own way build impressive personal brands. Our hilarious moderator for the night was Cathy White of CEW Communications. And the panel was made up of:

If you know me, you know I’m a massive advocate for helping people build and create a personal brands that are genuine and that they’ll be proud of. So I was interest to here from the panel. Here are some of my main takeaways: 

Understand why it’s important to have a personal brand 

There are many benefits of having a personal brand including controlling the narrative that’s out there about you. Being in control of your personal brand allows you to dictate the visual and linguistic cues that come to mind when people think of you. What is it that you want to be remembered for? It’s also great for not only helping to generate clients or new job opportunities but also for leading as an example to others. 


Growing a personal brand takes time

Your personal brand is not something that happens overnight and so you need to take some time to think about what you want to stand for. What are your core values and what do you represent? Is seriousness or fun or maybe a bit of both? Whatever it is you need to have some idea in order to be able to communicate it to others. One suggestion given from Lauren, was to think about what you want to portray on various channels. For each channel write down a list of subject areas you were willing to discuss on the platform and stick to it. I like this way of almost regulating your own content to ensure you were communicating the things you truly want to be known for.


Building a personal brand on top of everything else

So we know I takes time but what can you do to ensure you keep building your brand despite life happening? You could create content in a manner that works for you and your schedule. Naomi spoke about a weekly post she shares with her following about things she is reading at that moment. She knew she couldn’t commit to writing new content every week and so it made sense for her to curate something instead. And it works for her!  Casey also made a great point about actually just doing something. So many people talk about things and then never actually take steps towards actually doing them. Action whatever it is you are talking about and embed it into your life.


Main takeaways from each panellist 

Really think what you want your personal brand to representing in the long run. 

Find people you admire and love and ask them for a coffee. ~ Casey Bird

Google yourself. If it’s you then decide if you like it. If you don’t like what the results bring up create things that can essentially increase your SEO. ~ Lauren Ingram 

Do excellent work bits what people remember you for and being brilliant at what you do. So doing the thing you want to be known for. ~ Natasha Tiwari

Know your why? What’s going to differentiate you? It’s important to know what it’s different from others. ~ Naomi Oluleye

Don’t be a d!ck! If you’re rude or an idiot it doesn’t matter what you do, you won’t get far! ~ Cathy White


Easy win that can be made within a week? 

With the panellists providing us with so many invaluable nuggets of information it was nice to hear their final thoughts on things the audience could implement within a week:

  • Sit down and do a mind map about you and your persona and values. ~ Naomi Oluleye
  • Look at someone you admire and then think about why you do. Do you have something in common? ~ Natasha Tiwari
  • Think about how a journalist write about you and your work. ~ Lauren Ingram
  • What’s your scheepl or pitch for when you meet someone, what do you want to be saying and what’s your personal elevator pitch. ~ Casey Bird 

The event was a better than I had expected and I took the opportunity to network with new people. I love a good opportunity to network – you never know who you’ll meet! I hope this review of the panel has been as helpful to you as I feel the panel was for anyone that was there. I love working with people on building their personal brands so if you think you need a hand, let’s talk!

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